Akku Power

Made in Europe

Since Akku Power was founded in 1991, we established ourselves on the market as a leading manufacturer of battery pack systems and technology. Headquartered in Schorndorf/Germany, we established two production facilities in Czech Republic. In addition, we have one development center in Germany and two partner companies in Italy and France. Therefore, our close customer contacts, associated to this set-up, is one of our advantages.

For many years we have been a reliable international partner through customer focus and our core competencies, for companies from the automotive, industry, electronic and eMobility sector. As a result, we became an important partner with our more than 120 employees from different regions.

Our Core Competencies

Competent Consulting
Requirements and project specifications

Efficient constructions and developments due to functional modules and priority components (tools: Solid Works, Altium Designer, IAR)

Test & Inspection
Product specific final test to guarantee functionality

Highest quality through modern facilities and extensive experience

Material safety and customized supply service

After-Sales Service
Optimization and support for products to guarantee a long product life



Akku Power GmbH Batterien
Paul-Strähle-Straße 26
D-73614 Schorndorf

Phone: +49 7181 97735-0
Fax: +49 7181 97735-29


Akku Power France
64/70 rue Rouget de Lisle
92150 Suresnes

Phone: +33 1 81 93 82 50
Fax: +33 1 70 24 86 91 gael.legrix@akkupower.com

Czech Republic

Bech Akku Power, baterie s.r.o.
Kozojedy 141
331 42 Kralovice

Phone: 373 398 300
Fax: 373 398 259


Akku Power Italy

Phone: + 39 3483162296
Fax: +49 (0) 7181 97735-29


Akku Power Iberia
Sallares i Marra, 72-78 Local 2
08203 Sabadell (Barcelona)

Phone: +34 93 7125016
Fax: +34 93 7205946

Historie / Milestones


First flicker-free patented battery fluorescent lamp


More than ten different power tool batteries have been produced

Contract with Hitachi as OEM supplier

Contract with Würth as OEM supplier


Akku Power founded a second facility in Pilsen/Czech Republic

Akku Power put its focus on the development and manufacturing of own chargers and switching power supplies


Akku Power built production and office buildings in Schorndorf


Akku Power supplied the first microprocessor controlled chargers


The first Akku Power charging stations have been delivered to the automotive industry

Development and implementation of new logo


First in-house developed BSP electronics. This ensures more safety and quality during production processes.


Development and production of Battery Analyzer A36 with own software

Expansion of charger production in Czech Republic complying with ESD standards (Electro Static Discharge)

Development and production of first mains connector (switching power supply) for currents up to 30 A (Heavy Duty)


First supplies of Akku Power li-ion battery pack series with protective circuit

The first combined Akku Power charger for li-ion and NiCd/NiMH battery packs went into production


Akku Power moved into further facilities in Schorndorf for development and production


Akku Power moved into new production and development facilities in Liblin/Czech Republic

Akku Power tripled the capacities for development, and quadrupled the capacities for production


Implementation of own SMD pick and place machine, as well as commissioning our own EMV laboratory

Entwicklung und Produktion von 300V-Li-Ion-Hochvolt-Systemen


Production of numerous waterproof IP67 battery packs up to 14S


Relaunch of new corporate design

Development of plans for new office and production buildings

Start digitalization of production (Industry 4.0)


Relaunch Akku Power Website

We Are Certified

We face new challenges every year, and for several years we have been ISO certified. The high standard of this quality certification helped us to become even more efficient and high-quality driven as before.

Because of international regulations, several of our in-house produced products are UL certified. This is why we can call ourselves a UL production facility as well. This strict certification is specially designed for the production and material procurement process of several products, which are designed for the US market.


Over the next few years, we want to further establish our position as one of the leading German manufacturer of accumulators through power, innovation and quality, and keep supporting our customers as a strategic partner and supplier. Through optimal results we can maximize the value creation on both sides.

To realize this goal, Akku Power encourages independent action, continuous professional training of our employees and an honest and open cooperation.

This kind of freedom allows our employees to contribute their ideas and actively shape products, services and company processes.

Akku Power created through its current structures and flat hierarchies a flexible, rapid and agile corporate culture. This ensures that customer requests are adjusted and implemented in an easy and strategic way.

Social Commitment

Akku Power does not only want to be an employer, but also a fixed component of the cities and communities of our branches.
This is why we support local and regional associations and institutions which promote sports activities for children and adolescents.