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Our production is our core and strength, through which we established ourselves in the market over the years. All important topics meet here and come together as one unit, which you can see in our products. Our production cycle starts with the latest battery technology, ends with after-sales service and  leads to continuous improvement in regards to our principle of innovation.

Our continuous focus for customer satisfaction can be seen in every step of our production. We grew and expanded over time. Today, we count three locations in Europe and continue to supply our customers with high-quality products.

Global & Strategic Partner

Our company and production guideline puts emphasis on quality and innovation. This is the reason why we only use high-quality battery cells. Through this we were able to position ourselves in the market and establish strategic partnerships with leading suppliers of lithium-ion technology.

We expect safety, performance and quality in all our partnerships. In order to support this, we established a continuous exchange between our partners and us. This way, we remain flexible and can rely on a broad and customizable cell selection, and address customer requirements in an optimal way.

Battery Technology

Akku Power has worked with different battery cell technologies and was able to accompany, process and optimize them for customers. Today we mainly rely on the markets latest and modern lithium-ion-technology. Our experience has shown us that this kind of technology is on the right track for today’s requirements of wireless mobility and performance.

Advantages of Lithium-Ion Technology

  1. Higher energy density compared to other battery types. A lithium-ion battery can save three or four times more energy than a NiCd battery of the same size; compared to a NiMH battery twice as much energy.
  2. No memory effect, which could happen with other battery types and reduce performance and capacity of batteries.
  3. Low self-discharge during storage results in long shelf life.
  4. Depending on quality and design of the battery, it can have up to five-digit charge and discharge cycles.



Our BMS systems, which are part of our standard, control deep discharging and overcharging. At the same time, the cases are adjusted to external conditions to minimize possible external factors.


In prototype development, all three development paths are connected and in constant communication. The electronic construction plays a central role in the composition and is the link between mechanical construction and software development. With this principle, we already developed battery pack system solutions with up to 84S / 300V.

We plan, design and implement the whole mechanical construction from cell holders, cell connectors, protection electronics and battery case.

We take care of the whole electronical development, suppressor circuit and charge status display.

All our battery packs are customized to customer’s requirements with communication interfaces like I²C, SMBus, 1-wire and CAN-Bus.

To close the circle, we can additionally design and supply the charging technology and chargers up to 1200W.


Battery and charger approvals are certified with the UN38.3 transport test and the IEC62133 2nd Ed. UL2054. Furthermore, we gained experience in certifications for Asia, Russia and Australia.

Prototypes are built by our team based on their know-how, which they gathered throughout the years. An independent and parallel workflow makes it possible through clear guidelines, which saves our customers time, money and resources. This ensures a market maturity in a timely manner.

Before the prototypes leave development, they will be tested for its particular application. This way we can see early on, if the three elements are interacting perfectly. As soon as the construction is finished, the prototype leaves the development phase and gets inspected in load and performance tests. After this, the 0-series production is able to start.

Serial Production

Since 1991, we specialized in the development of battery packs, charging systems and portable main power supply (mains connector / switching power supply). Throughout the years, development and manufacturing got more complex. We faced challenges like new components, stricter standards and higher requirements of the industry, and grew with every new experience.

Our production process is flexible and allows us to switch over – also with small series - and still work efficiently. Our production facility expanded throughout the years and adjusted to the necessary capacities. We invested in new locations, devices and staff trainings to stay competitive and continuously produce battery packs of high quality.

The human factor is very important to us in our production. This is the reason why people are able to influence the product directly during the production processes.

This level of detail and the semi-automated and manual work helps us to implement the high standards of quality, performance and safety. This also helped us to develop a multistage control mechanism that runs simultaneously to our production processes. This control mechanism ensures that we achieve the required target values. Every cell is inspected several times before it leaves our company. This guarantees that there is no danger and the customer is satisfied.


We cooperate with official institutes in Germany and Czech Republic, so that our customers don’t have to worry about certification and qualification of their products. This way, our products meet the desired requirements and are completely marketable.

We use two independent acceptance and certification possibilities.


Through our own test laboratory we are able to do the following inspections in a fast, safe and accurate manner:

  • Cycle test
  • Temperature test
  • Breaking test
  • Performance test


External Partners: 

To get the desired international certifications, we cooperate with official certification authorities.

  • IEC Certification
  • UL Certification


Logistics is getting more and more complex and lets us face new challenges every time. The logistics department at Akku Power is built on five pillars and improves continuously to approach these challenges.


Storage: Our single cells and final products are stored until their final use in accordance with strict guidelines.

Handling: Our staff is being trained regularly in handling lithium-ion cells.

Packaging: On the basis of dangerous goods, all our packaging staff is professionally trained.



Transport: We cooperate nationally and internationally with renowned logistic partners, who have the speed, punctuality, reliability and expertise in handling dangerous goods.

Availability: Our whole value chain is managed centrally by our headquarter in Germany. This way, procurement, national and international shipments are being optimized.

After-Sales Service

The foundation of our after-sales services is based on two interests:

  • The partnership with our customers and the further development of our products to guarantee consisting value
  • Customer support in case of product failure, and minimizing of downtimes

With the basic idea of building a long-term partnership, continuous customer support and finding the best possible solution, the Akku Power development cycle doesn’t end after serial production.

We want to establish long-term relationships with our customers and strive for continuous improvement in our performance and quality.

After serial production and delivery, the mid- to long-term information exchange with our customers begins in order to improve consisting Akku Power products.

In case of a product failure we offer service and maintenance of used battery and charging devices, spare parts supply, repair, complaint receiving and processing.


Recycling plays a big role at Akku Power. This is why we support our customers and partners with this subject.

Since 1998, the Battery Directive obliges all citizens to dispose used batteries and accumulators properly at suitable collection centers. Distributors and manufacturers are obliged to take back batteries and utilize them properly or dispose them as hazardous waste.

Li-ion accumulators contain metals like copper or aluminum, and depending on the active material, transition metals like cobalt and nickel. Recycling of li-ion accumulators includes the following basic operations:

  • Deactivating and discharging the battery, especially with larger battery systems from electro mobility
  • Dismantling of the battery systems
  • Mechanical processes like shredding, sorting and filtering
  • Hydriometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes for material separation

There are specific dangers when recycling li-ion batteries:

  • Electrical and chemical dangers, as well as fire hazards. It is also possible that there may be interactions between those dangers.

We will gladly take back your Akku Power products and cooperate with VfW-REBAT, so that capturing, sorting, usage and environmentally compatible disposal is ensured.


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