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In the beginning, the annual production volume of start-ups or small and medium-sized companies is often low. Therefore, an own product development process is often not possible due to high investment and low economy of scale, time and the high level of involved risks at the beginning.  

In order to offer these companies a solution, we developed a standard portfolio, on which our customers can count on and use it as a foundation for their products.

The advantage of this is that they will gain access to a complete system without complications. There is no need for large research and development expenses. Additionally, it reduces the time-to-market of our customers significantly and allows an advantage over their competitors. In case of interest, please use our contact form.

Battery Packs


Powerful Akku Power Packs are equipped with high-quality Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, LG or Sony cells.

Increased conductivity is achieved through optimized, in-house developed cell connectors with larger cross sections and a special welding technology process.



  • Akku Power Interface for optimal output of performance between battery and terminal device
  • Intelligent BMS system
  • Mechanical construction cell holder, cell connector, protection electronics, battery case
  • Electronics development, suppressor circuit, charge status display
  • Communications interfaces I²C, SMBus, 1-wire, CAN-Bus
  • Battery approvals UN 38.3 transport test, IEC62133 2nd Ed. UL2054




Fourfold safety through intelligent, patented UCP protection electronics: 

  • Overcharging protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection


Our standard charging systems are able to automatically detect the battery system. This way, different battery types can be charged.

This special and patented charging technology ensures gentle charging and increases the battery life.


The thresholds for temperature and internal pressure of the charging batteries are not exceeded. This ensures that the quality remains the same and the battery life is increased.

Only high-quality and impact-resistant material is used for dimensional stability and high breakage resistance. .

Power plugs are available for the following countries: GB, EU, Australia, Japan and USA.

Deeply discharged battery packs are gently charged with a low charge current. If the necessary pack voltage is achieved within 30 minutes, the device automatically switches into constant current mode CCV and charges with full charging current. If the battery pack cannot recover from the deep discharge within 30 minutes, the device will detect this automatically and signals it through a red LED, same as with wrongly poled or short-circuited battery packs. 

Mains Connector

We appreciate technical challenges.

One of these challenges was to integrate the switching power supply into the smallest of spaces. Having a small size, the switching power supply should still be powerful and meet all standards.

In 2005, we succeeded with the Mains Connector (MC)! The patented Mains Connector (switching power supply in battery case) has helped several craftsmen in need.

The Mains Connector (MC) is a special switching power supply, which is able to replace the battery of a power tool when electricity is available. The MC has a low voltage source and its parameters are identical to the normally used parameters in batteries.

Our MCs are the result of our longstanding development and patent protected.

MC switching power supplies are designed for power tools, which reach up to 1200 Watt during intermittent operation.

The voltage range is between 12-36 Volt.

More MCs for continuous operation are in preparation, as well as MC stations, which allow the connection of several power tools.




Our analyzers are designed for the analysis of battery packs during discharging.

Within seconds, the current state of charge and internal resistance of the battery will be displayed.

Akku Power offers different products, which can be used to analyze small and large battery packs from 0,1A up to 30A discharge current, 1,2V to 60V voltage and up to 500W output power.

Our analyzers are designed to analyze all battery systems (Li-ion, Li-FePH, Li-titanate, NiCd / NiMH and PB).

During discharge, the display shows information like capacity, watt seconds and internal resistance.

Our in-house developed software is individually extendable.


Akku Power offers its customers a wide range of adapters for charging, discharging and analysis. With Akku Power adapters, an intelligent communication between charging and terminal devices is possible. Different battery system interfaces can be combined with one universal charger, which provides new opportunities for our customers.

In this regard, the adapter works like an interpreter and communicates the exact voltage to the charger. This way, an optimal charging function is guaranteed.



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