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Everything from One Source

Throughout the years, Akku Power continuously invested in new production technologies, development facilities and locations. As a result, Akku Power was able to expand its capabilities and technical possibilities and is now able to offer everything in-house from one source: from prototype development to safety inspection, everything with Akku Power as competent partner.

These steps were of strategic importance, because the development of today’s battery pack goes beyond a battery block with four cells connected in series.

This is the reason why our customers know that Akku Power offers them optimal solutions for complex and technically demanding projects. Our customers are included in the whole process, starting from the idea to the serial product.

This close customer relationship distinguishes our development and creates an impact on our consistent focus on improving our products, our employees and our company.


We support our customers with know-how and years of experience in the development and production of battery packs.

Our team of experts possesses experience in the following fields:

  • Mechanical construction
  • Electrotechnical construction
  • Software development

Their focus is on the detailed exchange with our customers to create an option, which supports their products in an integral and value adding method. This way, our customers get early insights into the following critical factors:

  • Feasibility / implementation – is the idea feasible or are there changes to be addressed?
  • Costs – First cost estimations
  • Times – first timelines with milestone definitions


With Technical Focus

Based on the findings from previous stages of product development, the realization of concepts into possible solutions will begin. This information is very accurate because of the three fundamental elements of the product: the mechanical construction, electrotechnical construction and software development.

The construction team supports the optimal design for your product with the latest CAD software and years of experience, so that all parameters and performance requirements can be supported and implemented.


Of the Whole Product

Based on design and construction, prototypes will be created. In this phase, details can be adjusted or replaced to achieve the desired characteristics of the product. The objective is to create a near to reality product to test and validate characteristics and functionalities. In this phase, the product of the so-called 0-series will be tested on functionality, quality and safety. At Akku Power, all products are tested independently by two different testing procedures before serial production.

Internally (Akku Power test laboratory):

Internal tests fitting the customer profile, cycle and climate tests will be performed.

Externally (Partners):

Our safety and transport certifications are done with great diligence by our external independent partners. These certifications are especially important for international markets, e.g. EMV tests for CE Certification and UN, IEC and UL Certifications for transport tests.


Guaranteeing an Efficient Approach

The experience of hundreds of individual developments and satisfied customers has shown us, that the early exchange of information is of high importance. This kind of close customer relationship has saved us and our customers costs, time and resources during the development and construction phase.

Based on designs, construction plans, parts lists and detailed statements of cost, we enter the planning phase, in which implementation will be discussed and the whole project gets an exact time frame.

This is especially important for new products, because possible temporal changes can impact the product launch and sales.



Everything from One Source


After the customer’s approval of the 0-series, the product can enter serial production. Akku Power inspects and captures the information of 100% of all end products. The results are stored for quality management purposes, so in case of failures or performance losses we can react quickly.

Furthermore, Akku Power offers through its ISO certification a modern and high-quality production facility.

Because quality and cooperation is important to us, we accompany and inform our customers about all relevant incidents before, during and after the production process. This kind of customer information exchange ensures that we meet all requirements.


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